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The technique is used for treatments of the

  • Decreased libido
  • Poor sensitivity
  • For the increase of firmness, and
  • Poor blood flow       

All of the above will help with wide range of problems starting from Performance anxiety and going to improvement of Nerve degradation and Vascular restrictions due to the normal aging of our male patients.  Results may vary, but most men have improved sensation and erection almost immediately after procedure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Not long at all. It will take 30 minutes to prepaid PRP for the injections and perform the treatment.

Actually its a little to none!You can return to your normal activities same day. That is including sex. We do encourage  patients to have sexual intercourse same or next day after the treatment.

Again, its not painful. Blood is drown from the patient’s vein and after activating PRP for the treatment it injected in the penis with a very small needle. Numbing cream is applied to the penis prior the injections.

They Can Help You

Our providers Dr Elena Plavnik M.D., D.O. and Marjory Nazaire APN, DNP,FNP-BC. are providing you with professional aesthetic services, but aesthetics is not the end of our care. To look great is only a part of our goal. Being at your best health matters to us too. Extensive blood work with the vitamin levels,  healthy diet and exercise plans will all be discussed with our patients at the consults with our providers. They will explain to you treatments and ensure you are comfortable and safe.