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Male Aesthetics Treatments

Male aesthetics is a fairly new area of the cosmetic medicine. Our providers have the understanding of the different needs treating their male and female patients.
Cosmetic procedures on a men increased drastically since 1997 to last year and continue to rise.
Our providers are able to see the importance of the understanding the needs of our guys to look young and rested at any time of a day.

Frequently Asked Questions

The answer is YES, absolutely true. Men needs in most cases more than a double amount than an average treatment for a female patient.

And again the answer is YES. It is a very common for the rejuvenation under the eyes. Lately we have more and more patients that ask about microneedeling for this area of the face and we see great results with younger and healthier skin with or without PRP treatments.

Absolutely YES! The only downside of it that in general male have more pronounced vasculature on the face (more blood vessels to feed the hair of the face) compare to female and in turn they more prone to bruising. But the end results are incredibly satisfying.

We Can Help You

Our providers Dr Elena Plavnik M.D., D.O. and Marjory Nazaire APN, DNP,FNP-BC. are providing you with professional aesthetic services, but aesthetics is not the end of our care. To look great is only a part of our goal. Being at your best health matters to us too. Extensive blood work with the vitamin levels,  healthy diet and exercise plans will all be discussed with our patients at the consults with our providers. They will explain to you treatments and ensure you are comfortable and safe.