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Sometimes romance can burn down to the embers and leave you wanting to get the passion back. Dr Oz said there is a new injection that could transform the O-spot and give you more pleasure in the bedroom. Have you heard about the O-Shot?

He sent a camera out on the street, where women opened up about how their romantic endeavors have evolved, and they were not sure where the O spot might be. But many of them were open to learning more about the new injections.

 What is the O Shot?

Dr Oz shared a treatment to help women experience more satisfying intimacy with the O Shot, an injection procedure that can correct an anatomical problem.

Endocrinologist Dr Samuel Wood is co-creator of the O Shot, and he spoke  about the patients he has treated over the years who were dissatisfied with their lovemaking. He said that the female reproductive organs are not all visible or exposed in the anatomy.

His plan was to do an injection inside the anatomy to increase pleasure during intimacy. According to Dr Wood, 19 out of the first 20 patients have had success, which makes him optimistic about the prospects for this treatment.

 How Does the O-Shot Work?

“The truth is, there is nothing else out there from a medical standpoint to help with this problem,” Dr Wood said. Dr  said that up to 25% of women may have never experienced climax during lovemaking, which could in part be due to anatomical reasons like those the O Shot is designed to address.

The O Shot was based on the Vampire Facelift, a trend in cosmetic surgery. The underlying concept is that injecting some of your own Platelet-Rich Plasma can clear up wrinkles and smooth out the skin by plumping up the area with your own blood.

 O Shot Vs Vampire Facelift

Now that same concept is being applied to the O Shot for another medical use. Dr Oz also said you can perform an O Spot test on yourself to determine whether you have an anatomical problem involved.

With the O Shot, the area is numbed and then the shot of plasma is injected into the sensitive tissue of the female anatomy. If tissue has been lost in the sensitive area, a patient may see positive results.

The O Shot treatment costs around $1,000. A woman nicknamed Michelle shared her personal story, recounting that this procedure helped her enjoy making love once again, giving her immediate pleasure and added energy. Now she has new sensations and feels better about her life.

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