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Non Surgical Face Lifts

PDO threads for the nonsurgical lifts
Neck and Chest
Inner thighs
MEDiTHREAD needles have the same outer diameter of traditional needles but having a bigger bore (inner) diameter allowing patients to feel less pain and makes the needle more flexible so easier to place in not even surfaces.
The treads are done from a synthetic fiber Polydioxanone, that is a completely absorbable. Placing it under the skin stimulates the natural production of hyaluronic acid and improve the microcirculation, new collagen production and rejuvenation that shows more elasticity and brightness.
Depends on the area of treatment different threads are used. We have an option of smooth, barbed, screwed. Can be a single thread or few strains braided together or 4 D barbs for the better support of the heavier skin
Thread lifts were invented in Russia in 1996 by Dr. Sulamandize who developed a technique for facial rejuvenation using modified sutures.
The technic have increased in popularity over years due to the minimally invasive nature of the procedure, and aesthetic effects that can lasts up to 18-20 month.
Placement of the threads doesn’t require anesthesia in majority of the treatments but sometimes a local anesthetic is used to decrease discomfort. PDO contains no heavy metals and has no significant side effects
Starting from the forehead the threads can be used all the way down to the feet and hands in a lot of cases instead of the fillers, the treatments are much safer and chipper.
Its a fairly new technic and procedures are still developed. Different providers are using different technics but the average price is still same depending on the areas of treatment and it ranges from $1,500 to $5,000 per area.
A few complications after a treatment can be reported. Most common of all is a noticeable thread under the skin or not significant lift.
Since the threads are dissolve the palpable thread will disappear over time but the lift will stay. In the last case you would like to proceed with the traditional brow or the neck lift.
We do appreciate a picture of the result that you would like to achieve. In many cases its easy to determine if that is a possible outcome or not.

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