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Instant Thread Face Lift

We are offer instant thread face lifts to improve your appearance and give you much younger look. That is an absorbable surgical sutures that placed in the skin to restart new collagen production. It’s improves local circulation and increases elasticity and firmness of the skin. Approximately two weeks after the procedure our body will start to synthesize natural protein and continue to do so for the next 6-9 month. Thread lifts are an alternative to face lifts, breast lift, arm lift that work through absorbable sutures to lift and contour your skin. Thread lifts were invented in Russia in 1996 by Dr. Sulamandize who developed a technique for facial rejuvenation using modified sutures. The technic have increased in popularity over years due to the minimally invasive nature of the procedure, and aesthetic effects that can lasts up to 18-20 month. Placement of the threads doesn’t require anesthesia and has low inflammatory reaction. PDO contains no heavy metals and has no significant side effects.

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